Waydroid Prop Options
Waydroid uses various properties in order to tell the underlying Android system how to behave in a few places. To do this, we use the waydroid prop command. To unset a prop, waydroid prop set <property> ""


  • waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.multi_windows true/false (bool) Enables/Disables persistent freeform window mode
  • waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.invert_colors true/false (bool) Swaps the color space from RGBA to BGRA (only works with our patched mutter so far)
  • waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.height_padding 0-9999 (int) Adjust Height padding (30 will allow you to use navbar on mobile)
  • waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.width_padding 0-9999 (int) Adjust width padding
  • waydroid prop set waydroid.display_width 0-9999 (int) (auto-generated) Auto generated size of Waydroid screen
  • waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.width 0-9999 (int) Used for user to override desired resolution
  • waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.suspend true/false (bool) Keep Waydroid awake and do not let container sleep
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