Backup/Restore apps and data

Backup and restore apps and data using Seedvault

Seedvault can be used to taking backup and restore it. It is preinstalled on Waydroid.


1. Choose Seedvault as backup provider

Go to Settings > System > Backup > Change backup provider. And choose Seedvault,

2. Note down passphrase

A passphrase is shown. This is used for encrytion. It wil asked on restoration.

3. Take backup

Tap on 'Backup' from three-dots menu.

Successfully backed up. The backup data will be at ~/.local/share/waydroid/data/media/0/.SeedVaultAndroidBackup


1. Copy backup contents

Copy the .SeedVaultAndroidBackup to ~/.local/share/waydroid/data/media/0/

2. Start restore activity.

You need to run am start com.stevesoltys.seedvault/.restore.RestoreActivity in shell inorder to start the restoration activity. You can this either on waydroid shell or adb shell.

You will be asked to choose storage.

2. Enter passphrase for decryption

You need to enter the passphrased there was shown while setting up Seedvault

3. Restore

Click on restore.

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