Community Projects We Like
Here is a list of a few of the projects that work with Waydroid to add some more features/functionality.

Waydroid Script

User @casualsnek has put together a tool that will help Waydroid users install OpenGapps, root with Magisk, and install libndk-translation libraries for ARM emulation.
GitHub - casualsnek/waydroid_script: Python Script to add OpenGapps, Magisk, libhoudini translation library and libndk translation library to waydroid !


User @sickcodes has put together a script that will download (using Android-Generic Projects emu-x86 repo) and extract the libndk-translation libs from Google's Android Studio emulator images.
GitHub - sickcodes/Droid-NDK-Extractor: Android NDK Extractor - Extract ARM native bridge libndk translation libraries for use in any Android derivative.

Darth Wadr

User @aditya24raj has put together an alternative install script using bash that helps to automatically perform the needed steps for installing Waydroid without hastle.
GitHub - aditya24raj/darth_waydr: installs waydroid on focal, bullseye and hirsute

Waydroid BigLinux

The folks at BigLinux have some configuration tools that help run Waydroid on that platform:
GitHub - biglinux/waydroid-biglinux: Scripts to simplify waydroid usage
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