Install and Run Android Applications
Waydroid is able to perform a few various operations found by using the waydroid app -h command:
usage: waydroid app [-h] {install,remove,launch,list} ...
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
install push a single package to the container and install it
remove remove single app package from the container
launch start single application
list list installed applications
To launch an app ising CLI, you would want to use the waydroid app launch <appname> command:
waydroid app launch xyz.apk
You can also install Android applications from the command line.
waydroid app install xyz.apk
The apk files you will sometimes find on the internet tend to only have arm support, and will therefore not work on x86_64.
You may want to install F-Droid to get applications graphically. Note that the Google Play Store will not work as is, because it relies on the proprietary Google Play Services, which are not installed.
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