Compile Waydroid - Lineage OS based images

Getting started

To get started with Android/LineageOS, you'll need to get familiar with Repo and its Git workflow.


To initialize your local repository using the LineageOS trees, use a command like this:

repo init -u -b lineage-18.1 --git-lfs
repo sync build/make

Then we grab the Waydroid local_manifests

wget -O - | bash


Then to sync up:

repo sync

Then we setup the local build environment:

. build/


After that is complete, we apply the Waydroid patches:


How to build

Please see the LineageOS Wiki for building environment setup.

Waydroid AOSP Lunch Options:


Waydroid Build Commands:

. build/
lunch lineage_waydroid_arm64-userdebug
make systemimage -j$(nproc --all)
make vendorimage -j$(nproc --all)

Image Generation From Sparse Image:

The default output of the AOSP build system is an "Android Sparse Image". We need raw fileystems instead. From the same terminal where you just built a system and a vendor image, run:

simg2img $OUT/system.img ~/system.img
simg2img $OUT/vendor.img ~/vendor.img

to obtain your target raw images at ~/system.img and ~/vendor.img


Local Manifest:

To manually regenerate the local_manifests, we also have added a function to do so


After doing that you will want to resync (this will wipe out any local changes, so make sure you save your work to a different branch)

Patch Conflicts:

See Manual Patch Resolution

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