Install Instructions

Install Instructions

Arch Linux

Some of our friends have started putting together all the install instructions for Arch over on the arch wiki:

Postmarket OS

Thanks to the Postmarket community, you can also find instructions and troubleshooting tips on their wiki:

Zorin OS

User @Aman9das has put together a detailed guide for installing Waydroid on Zorin OS:

Sailfish OS

A few of the contributors to sailfishos-open have put together a resource for installing Waydroid on the OS:


Waydroid can be installed from the official package repository.

sudo dnf install waydroid

After installing, launch Waydroid from the applications menu and proceed with the initialization by pasting these URLs in the OTA fields:

System OTA:

Vendor OTA:


The same instructions apply to the Fedora Immutable variants, but you should use rpm-ostree instead of dnf

rpm-ostree install waydroid

KISS Linux

User Mederim has come up with a guide for getting Waydroid on KISS Linux:

Void Linux

Waydroid can be installed from the official package repository; also check /usr/share/doc/waydroid/README.voidlinux after installation for further instructions!

sudo xbps-install -S waydroid

Ubuntu/Debian and derivatives

For Droidian and Ubuntu Touch, skip directly to the last step

Make sure you have Wayland Session enabled (Ubuntu 22.04+)

  • Install pre-requisites

sudo apt install curl ca-certificates -y
  • Add the official repository

curl | sudo bash

If the script fails to detect your distribution, you can provide a valid option by appending -s <DISTRO>. Currently supported values are: mantic, focal, jammy, kinetic, lunar, noble, bookworm, bullseye, trixie, sid

  • Install waydroid

sudo apt install waydroid -y

Then start Waydroid from the applications menu.


NixOS community has a wiki page for WayDroid:


Manually Starting Waydroid

To start Waydroid without systemctl, you need to follow a few simple steps

Start the container first:

sudo waydroid container start

And in a new terminal tab, start the waydroid session (without sudo):

waydroid session start

After that starts and you see "Android with user 0 is ready", it is safe to launch an app from the applications menu, or

Launch Waydroid In Full-Screen Mode:

(This can be run while Waydroid is running, or used to start it in full-screen mode)

waydroid show-full-ui

Launch Waydroid In Multi-Window Mode:

First we need to set the property while a Waydroid session is running:

waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.multi_windows true

After that, we can restart the session:

waydroid session stop

Then we are ready to launch an app, and it will start in multi-window mode

Reinstalling Waydroid

Sometimes things don't go as planned and you need to remove it all and start over. To do that, follow the steps below:

First, make sure you have stopped the session and containers:

waydroid session stop
sudo waydroid container stop

Then it is safe to remove Waydroid. For example, on debian or ubuntu:

sudo apt remove waydroid

After you removed Waydroid, reboot.

Then once logged back in, we need to do a little cleanup:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/waydroid /home/.waydroid ~/waydroid ~/.share/waydroid ~/.local/share/applications/*aydroid* ~/.local/share/waydroid

Then you can follow the install instructions again.

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